About me

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I am an Industrial Designer and UX Designer from Stockholm, Sweden. I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in June of 2017. 

My passion for design started in my grandpa’s workshop when I was five years old. After teaching my brother and I the basics of woodworking and how to stay safe with the tools, he let us get creative. We used some of his scrap wood and nails to create what was probably the ugliest bookshelf ever created. I enjoy the process of creating physical models to figure out design solutions. I just finished an internship at Daresay where I worked on an e-commerce app for a Swedish pharmacy. During this project I learned to work with developers as well as making design systems and working with UI animations. I am currently working as an Interaction Design Intern at Fjord Stockholm.

Feel free to contact me by calling me at +46762098620 or email me at joel.salomonsson@me.com.


My latest project

Daresay Phone Dock